Title: Contest vs. Cold and Heat (fieldnotes)
isVersionof (Published English Translation): 34 Contest between Cold and Heat
isVersionof (typed manuscript): XXXV Cold and Heat
Subject: Reichard fieldnotes, Coeur d'Alene Narrative
Description: Coeur d'Alene narrative; Narrator: Dorothy Nicodemus or Tom Miyal (unconfirmed); handwritten fieldnotes collected by Gladys Reichard; Numbered XXIX in notebook VI; Date recorded 1927-1929 Idaho USA; Corresponds to Cold and Heat typed manuscript numbered XXXV and English translation numbered 34 in Reichard 1947 "Contest between Cold and Heat" page 191 [http://archive.org/stream/analysisofcoeurd41reic#page/191/mode/2up].
Type: Text, handwritten fieldnotes
Source: Facsimile from unpublished Reichard Coeur d'Alene notebook VI
Coverage: crd, Coeur d'Alene
Coverage: 1927-1929
Date: 2009
Modified: 2012
Creator (narrator): Dorothy Nicodemus or Tom Miyal (unconfirmed)
Creator (interpreter): Julia Antelope Nicodemus
Creator (linguist): Gladys Reichard
Creator (co-editor): Lawrence Nicodemus
Creator (co-editor): Julia Antelope Nicodemus
Creator (co-editor): Gladys Reichard
Format: PDF and PNG
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Identifier (COLRC URL): http://lasrv01.ipfw.edu/COLRC/texts/34_fcbch/crdt27-29_fn34.pdf
Identifier (COLRC NO.): crdt27-29_fn34
Language (ISO639-3): eng-US, English
Language (ISO639-3): crd, Coeur d'Alene
Language: Coeur d'Alene with English gloss